Lake Tahoe

The west shore of Lake Tahoe is known for its year-round beauty and outdoor activities. During the winter, visitors hit the slopes on the area’s renowned ski resorts while the warmer months bring boating and water-skiing as well as hiking and mountain biking to the area around Sunnyside.

Throughout a long history dating back to its construction as a summer house in 1906, Sunnyside Lodge has been a integral part of lake activity and Tahoe’s romantic past. Our lakefront deck is Tahoe’s largest, and is a popular gathering place for vacationers as well as locals.

Families and friends old and new meet at Sunnyside Lodge to enjoy the view and the great food. The fun, carefree atmosphere puts everyone in a good mood, and it’s not uncommon for us to serve dinner to a group of friends who had planned on enjoying an afternoon on the deck overlooking Lake Tahoe, but decided to hang around a while longer. 

The key to it all is Lake Tahoe itself. Wherever one may travel, the lake never fails to captivate: a sunrise over the far shore, the alpenglow during a winter sunset, the reflection of a full moon rising over snowcapped peaks, the amazing shades of deep blue on a summer afternoon—every day at Sunnyside brings a new postcard-like memory.

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