A Sunnyside Wedding

By Tim Hauserman

As patches of pink popped up above Tahoe’s eastshore, the bride and groom rushed out the door to the Sunnyside dock to capture that perfect Tahoe sunset photo. Inside, the packed house was enjoying the sunset as well, but they were mostly focused on the food and the companionship. As the father of the bride, I was more focused on the toast I would soon have the honor of giving.

My daughter Hannah Hauserman married Steve Luppino on September 29th at the Tahoe Park Beach with the sounds of water breaking against the beach, as well as a particularly well timed duck’s call.  Afterwards the guests sauntered over to Sunnyside for what turned out to be a lively and heart warming evening. The food was awesome and just right, the service was impeccable and everything flowed together so well.

A highlight of the evening was the arrival of Hannah and Steve from Tahoe Park via a classic wooden boat the Portofino. While the journey was only a few hundred yards, the captain spirited them away on a lovely cruise in the early evening sunshine, before they docked at Sunnyside to the cheers of the guests.

While it is a cliche, weddings really are all about gathering friends and family together. Many of the groom’s family are from upstate New York and had never been to Tahoe. Steve’s grandfather took his first flight in a commercial airplane to attend the event, and he loved it. The Luppino Family quickly fell in love with this special place that a lucky few of us get to call home.

For my big family of siblings, and a passel of cousins, it was also heartwarming to get together at Tahoe.  While we are all deeply connected to Lake Tahoe from my parents roots here, most of the family doesn’t live here anymore, and cherishes the excuse to return to the lake, and relive our childhoods. It was especially nice for all of the family members who stayed at Sunnyside, and could just stroll upstairs to their room at the end of the night.

A dozen elementary school classmates of Hannah’s were in attendance. They were in class together 20 years ago at Rideout School, just a mile from Sunnyside. Both of their teachers were in attendance as well.  I’m sure it is bittersweet for them to watch their former students now whooping it up with a champagne glass in hand.

Weddings are a complicated and monumental organizational challenge, but once the door opens and folks start marching down the aisle, it suddenly becomes very simple.  It’s a gathering of friends and family to cheer on young love and the future. Based on the support that Hannah and Steve received, it should be one hell of a future.