Tahoe Maritime Museum to Move

May 13, 2015 | Tim Hauserman

In October, The Tahoe Maritime Museum, currently located next to Homewood Ski Area, is set to move to the Tahoe Tree Company buildings and grounds at the corner of Granlibakken Road and West Lake Blvd. Less than a mile outside of Tahoe City, the Tahoe Tree landscaping business has been an iconic part of the west shore since it was started by Dave McBride in 1954. It is now operated by McBride’s daughter, Leslie Hyche, and her husband John Hyche.

In addition to a large, high ceiling wooden structure, the property includes ten acres of open ground, currently loaded with plants for the nursery. In the future it is expected to include the Maritime Museum exhibition galleries, offices and collection storage. “Years ago this would have seemed impossible,” stated Tahoe Maritime Museum President Dave Olson, “We never thought we’d have the opportunity to acquire such a beautiful property and build a museum campus. We are excited for both the Museum and the North Lake Tahoe community.”

The grounds have provided a bucolic setting for events such as weddings and concerts for years. Olsen hopes that continues to be the case. The move will ultimately allow Tahoe Maritime Museum to have its entire organization on one site. Facilities are now split with the Museum offices and gallery in Homewood and a leased warehouse in Reno that stores all of the Museum’s artifacts, including more than 30 vessels in the collection.

Tahoe Tree will continue to operate their business as usual this summer, and then they plan on downsizing to a smaller footprint on a portion of the property. “A smaller nursery will be fun and challenging, but we are confident its own unique charm and personality will come through,” said John.

The museum will continue to operate in its Homewood location this summer. It will open its 2015 exhibit, “Racing Tahoe: Post World War II Powerboats,” on Friday, June 5.