Fall Colors!

October 14 | Tim Hauserman

While folks at Tahoe wait anxiously for the temps to drop and the snow to fall, there is still time to get out there and enjoy the turning of the aspen leaves. But don’t dilly dally, because the peak of color is happening right about….NOW.

Where to go:

Ward Creek: Take a Stroll
If you are staying at Sunnyside, follow the bike trail towards Homewood until you cross Ward Creek, then take the dirt path on your right. Follow the creek, then head south to the boardwalk which crosses a meadow bordered by a humongous grove of brightly yellowed aspen trees.

Blackwood Canyon: Take a road ride
The seven mile jaunt from the lakeshore to the top of Barker Pass in Blackwood Canyon leads past a series of beautiful aspen groves and a ribbon of other deciduous bushes and trees that are showing off their fall finery. At the speed you will be able to reach on this long grunt, you will have plenty of time to gander at their magnificence.

Page Meadows: Ride a mountain bike
Page Meadows is the West Shore’s favorite string of meadows. Enjoy aspen groves, views of Twin Peaks and Ward Peak, and access to the Tahoe Rim Trail. Keep your eyes peeled for an oven created by Basque Sheepherders.

Marlette Lake: Hike it or ride it.
The fall colors in Snow Valley and around the shores of Marlette Lake are one of the best color displays in the area. You can take the Marlette Lake Trail for hikers only to the shores of the lake, or ride up North Canyon to Marlette, and if you are so inclined, on to the famous Flume Trail.

Thomas Creek: On the Way to Reno
Hey, we all need to do our Costco-Trader Joes-inexpensive gas runs to Reno, right?  Give yourself a bit of extra time and drive over Mt. Rose and take a left on Timberline Drive, just before reaching South Reno. Follow the Upper Thomas Creek Trail along the creek for a mile and a half of leafy fall splendor.