Find your Snowfest with Sunnyside!

February 27, 2014 | Tim Hauserman

Snowfest! North Lake Tahoe’s long running winter festival will be happening from February 28 through March 9th. Snowfest includes dozens of events that focus on getting out there and enjoying what Tahoe has to offer, as well as a ton of great opportunities for good eating, drinking and merry making with all of your friends and neighbors. It’s a celebration of winter, and a glance forward into spring. Check out the extensive list of  events at

Sunnyside will be joining the party in several different ways:

Saturday March 1st Sunnyside will be a part of Tahoe City’s great funky parade. Look for a group of happy folks walking down the street in Hawaiian attire.

Sunday, March 2nd. The Sunnyside Luau has for a number of years been a popular highlight of Snowfest. What could be better then feeling a bit of Hawaiian spirit when the winter is just hitting its peak? This year the focus is on a relaxed bar event with Hawaiian inspired cuisine and cocktails. Wear that classic flowery tropical attire, and get ready to Aloha starting at 4 pm.

Even when Snowfest comes to a close on March 9th, you can still join in the fun at The 13th Annual Gourmet Ski Tour. This popular event combines exercise in our great outdoors, with frequent breaks to stop and eat lots of delicious food. The proceeds go to a great cause: Getting kids out cross-country skiing. Held just a short ski or walk from the lodge at Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area, The Gourmet Ski Tour is the major fundraiser for the Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Education Association, the folks who bring you Strider Gliders, the Winter Discovery Center and Free Skiing for Schools. This non-profit organization is also being supported at the Sunnyside Luau, through the sale of raffle tickets. The Gourmet Ski Tour showcases samples of the wares of our finest local restaurants and catering establishments, including Sunnyside. Try a taste of the dozens of various concoctions, enjoy a margarita or two, and party in the sunshine or snow with several hundred friends. It’s a lot of fun. In addition to participants, they are looking for volunteers. To purchase tickets, call Tahoe Cross-Country at 530-583-5475. To volunteer, contact event organizer Lin Winetrub at [email protected].