Pamper yourself

September 30, 2013 | Tim Hauserman

In the summer, Tahoeites revel in the sunshine as they paddle across the lake’s deep blue waters. In the winter, we find the boundless joy of sliding over snow. It’s about getting out there in nature and working up a sweat while marveling at the beauty of our little piece of heaven. The fall, however, is a time to quietly sit by the shore, or enjoy a cocktail next to a fireplace. It’s also a perfect time to pamper yourself.

Like most of us, I’ve not spent nearly enough time beneath the fingers of a well trained massage therapist or the gentle poking of an acupuncturist. In fact, when I win the lottery (which might be hard since I never get around to buying a ticket) I promise I will get a lot more massages. I will go to more yoga classes. I will receive more acupuncture treatments. But, actually the treatments are not that expensive, and in the fall when our town is a quiet place, getting an appointment is easy.

Getting a massage: Jenna Minnes has been working out the kinks on Tahoe athletes for over 10 years. I can speak from personal experience that getting a massage from her is that perfect combination of deep enough to fix the problem, but still light enough to be relaxing and enjoyable. Recently she added yoga instructor to her resume, which adds an extra level of body knowledge. She can be reached at

Lisa Goodman, owner of Massage on the Lake in the center of Tahoe City, is another long time Tahoe City local who will provide that relaxing and healing massage that you need. She too is used to dealing with those tight muscles, which seem to be as common as Tahoe as Subaru’s and golden retrievers. She can be reached at


Born and raised in Tahoe, Lauren Corda left the mountains to become a trained acupuncturist, before returning to open her Tahoe area business. She creates a truly gentle, relaxing and healing experience. Go directly to her, or attend one of the community acupuncture clinics she holds the first and third Friday’s of the month at the Tahoe Yoga Institute in Tahoe City with fellow Tahoe City healer Tyler Lapkin.

Yoga Studio

The place to go is Tahoe Yoga Institute, upstairs in the Cobblestone in Tahoe City.  It’s a peaceful space with a welcoming atmosphere, with views of Lake Tahoe and the golf course and a stellar group of yogis teaching seven days a week. A variety of styles are available, so check out the schedule at