Sshhh…don’t tell anyone!

September 18, 2015 | Tim Hauserman

Tahoe locals have a spectacular secret. It’s a wonderful story of joy and rapture. Of unicorns and golden treasure at the bottom of rainbows. We call it:  mid-week in September!

What makes September such a special time:

The weather is usually just as pleasant as August, although perhaps just a tad cooler.

The mountain biking, road biking, swimming, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, water skiing, wake boarding, and just hanging out on the beach is all still here. Still amazing.

The crowds of people, and the traffic is gone. The kids are back in school. Many of their parents are back at work.

Thus September allows you to do this:

Head out from Sunnyside on a Wednesday morning paddle at 10 am, and not see another soul or hit a boat wake.

Ride to the top of Blackwood Canyon and not encounter a car. Or better yet, leave early in the morning and take a ride all the way around Lake Tahoe. Sure, you will see cars, but a lot less then you would have a few weeks earlier.

Hike into Desolation Wilderness and sit on the shore of one of those gorgeous little mountain lakes and have the place to yourself. Go for a swim, the bathing suit is optional. Because no one is around to care.

Take a ride on the bike trail from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley and see just a scattering of other folks on the trail.

Take a hike down to the Vikingsholm and along the shore of Lake Tahoe and have the place pretty much to yourself.

Drive from Sunnyside to Tahoe City without encountering any traffic.

Or just sit on the dock and quietly contemplate the fact that you are here on the shore of Lake Tahoe, and it is quiet and peaceful and magnificent. You gotta love September!