West Shore Market Opens

June 2, 2015 | Tim Hauserman

Sunnyside Resort has a new neighbor, West Shore Market, which has taken another big step towards turning the Tahoe Park/Sunnyside area into a place you don’t have to leave to get what you need. The market has a grocery, full deli with killer sandwiches, tons of wine, beer and liquor options, and gelato. They had me at gelato. And milk shakes.

While it is located in the building where the Sunnyside Market used to be, once you walk in the door you will have no idea you are in the same place. The building was gutted, then extensively remodeled inside and out and sports an open, cheery feeling with concrete floors and a large seating area. They repurposed a lot of the old lumber and recycled barn wood to give it a lively yet funky character.

In the large deli you will find specialty sandwiches, homemade salads, marinated meats and fresh fish. They smoke meat in house. For folks in the neighborhood, it has quickly become a fun place to hang out and gather with a pleasant happy vibe. Get a sandwich and a beer and make some new friends.

In the coffee area you will of course find fresh coffee, but also homemade pastries, a juice bar, gelato and milk shakes. The grocery includes all the basics which keep you from having to drive to Tahoe City in traffic. They also have all those little items that those camping across the street discover they are missing right about the time they want to make s’mores. But there are also a lot of interesting gourmet items, as well as fresh organic produce, and an extensive craft beer and wine selection.  And if you can’t find what you are looking for, co-owner Scott Zumwalt says they are happy to have you give them suggestions. They will see if they can find it. In the summer the market will expand outside with a BBQ and outside seating.

Given all the already established hot restaurants in Tahoe Park: Sunnyside, Firesign Cafe, and Spoon, Zumwalt says, “With everything we have here it is becoming a destination spot. You don’t have to leave. It’s a fun little community. The idea for the market is to make it an experience. Something you will enjoy doing.”